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US politics of hegemony will hinder Asia-Pacific region
The Pacific region has long been underpinned by multilateralism, regional integration and shared prosperity – all of which are being undermined by the behavior of the U.S.
US democracy corrupted by blood money
Nothing is going to be done to protect Americans from mass murder as long as American democracy is corrupted.
Significance of the French legislative election
French citizens will soon participate in the two rounds of the legislative election. President Emmanuel Macron hopes to win the majority of seats, but a new political formation composed of left and center-left parties looks set to challenge him.
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New initiative on the horizon

By Ong Tee Keat

Amid the growing existential threats compounded with the increasingly vulnerability to military clashes, any hegemonic moves to maintain one's geopolitical primacy at the expense of global peace and solidarity are nothing but despicable moves that deserve global disdain.

Breaking the ice to warm relations

More bridges are needed to connect China to the world, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding.

Uncle Sam's new vanguard

By Liang Xiao

What matters most in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world as a whole is peace, growth and development, rather than confrontation, war or a revisit to a cold war.

China-Brazil relationship: Steady does it

By Lan Xinzhen

China and Brazil have maintained a relatively steady relationship since establishing diplomatic ties in 1974. Almost five decades of frequent high-level exchanges and broadened cooperation prove the two countries can overcome any ideological or political differences to reach equally helpful results.

A new stage for vocational education

By Xie Bo

China's newly revised Vocational Education Law took effect on May 1 in the hope of promoting high-quality development of the country's vocational education sector.

Common good calls for closer China-Philippines ties

?Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s victory in the Philippine presidential election is expected to ensure the continuity of an independent Philippine foreign policy conducive to Philippines-China friendship and cooperation.


Toward a better future of BRICS cooperation

By Jiang Shixue

Over the past decade, cooperation between BRICS members has resulted in great progress and helped to establish common ground.

Remaining resilient amid challenges

By Eugene Clark

As the world faces numerous challenges on seemingly endless fronts, in order to succeed, humankind must pivot and remember that our future lies not in the hands of fate, but in our hands.

?Sino-German ties keystone of stability and prosperity

By Tom Fowdy

As the largest economy in their respective region, Germany and China both face unprecedented pressure and must harness the stabilizing, constructive, and steering role of their relationship to overcome the complex changes in the international landscape.

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US needs to honor its policy commitments on China

Viewing China as a "serious challenge" and stifling its growth is not conducive to the development of either the United States itself or the whole world. Instead, the U.S. should follow what it preaches and put into practice its commitments.